Up to date offers on 30.11.2023
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    Markting place for second hand boats

    On this market place you will find many interesting boats and yachts in all price categories. In order to offer a bid go to motorboats und sailboats and you will be in touch with the vendor for negotiations. In order to enter your boat with us, you will need to register. Thereafter, you can offer your boat for sale for only 9,90 Euros / month and boat.
    Register -> activate -> list boat -> ready.
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    Current offers of the week

    Price: € 113,000.00

    Year of manufacture: 2009 Length: 11.31m Width:3.77m
    Berth: Krk, Croatia

    Price: € 198,000.00

    Year of manufacture: 2010 Length: 16.70m Width:4.90m
    Berth: Mittelmeer, Germany

    The latest boats

    Price: € 130,000.00

    Year of manufacture: 2012 Length: 9.50m Width:3.10m
    Berth: Port Grimaud, France

    Price: € 27,500.00

    Year of manufacture: 1985 Length: 10.00m Width:3.25m
    Berth: Portugal

    Current charter offers of the week

    Weekly rate from: EUR 510

    sailing cabin boat, Cabins: 1, Length: 8.50 m, Year of manufacture: 1988
    Charter region: Ijsselmeer/Markermeer, Frisia, Randmeren, Dutch Wadden...
    Berth: Lemmer, Netherlands

    Weekly rate from: EUR 1,340

    sailing yacht, Cabins: 2, Length: 11.30 m, Year of manufacture: 2019
    Charter region: Ijsselmeer/Markermeer, Wadden Sea, Randmeren, North Se...
    Berth: Enkhuizen, Netherlands

    Weekly rate from: EUR 1,325

    houseboat, Cabins: 2, Length: 12 m, Year of manufacture: 2000
    Charter region: English canals, England, The Broads (Norfolk)
    Berth: Horning, Great Britain

    Weekly rate from: EUR 2,500

    sailing yacht, Cabins: 5, Length: 14.98 m, Year of manufacture: 2015
    Charter region: Ionian Sea, Mediterranean Sea
    Berth: Gouvia, Greece

    Weekly rate from: EUR 1,250

    sailing yacht, Cabins: 3, Length: 10.81 m, Year of manufacture: 2006
    Charter region: Zeeland (Netherlands), The Delta (Netherlands), North ...
    Berth: Yerseke, Netherlands

    Weekly rate from: EUR 730

    sailing yacht, Cabins: 2, Length: 10.30 m, Year of manufacture: 2002
    Charter region: Ijsselmeer/Markermeer, Frisia, Dutch Wadden Sea West
    Berth: Heeg, Netherlands

    Weekly rate from: EUR 1,930

    motor yacht, Cabins: 1, Length: 9.70 m, Year of manufacture: 2021
    Charter region: South Holland, Hollandse IJssel, Lek
    Berth: IJsselstein, Netherlands

    Weekly rate from: EUR 3,800

    sailing yacht, Cabins: 3, Length: 13.39 m, Year of manufacture: 2019
    Charter region: Balearic Islands, Majorca, Mediterranean Sea
    Berth: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

    Weekly rate from: EUR 1,650

    motor yacht, Cabins: 2, Length: 10.22 m, Year of manufacture: 2017
    Charter region: Baltic Sea, Bay of Kiel, South Funen Archipelago, Flen...
    Berth: Flensburg, Germany

    Weekly rate from: EUR 2,121

    houseboat, Cabins: 4, Length: 12.93 m, Year of manufacture: 1997
    Charter region: French canals, Burgundy, Loire, Saône, Canal latéral à...
    Berth: Louhans, Pontailler-sur-Saône, Digoin, France

    The most important boat links



    In addition to the Dutch webpages, we have for the past two weeks also included our Spanish webpages. This will entail, that an even wider audience will be attracted. The number of visitors and queries on our market places are rising considerably. There is still a vast interest in boats. Most probably this is down to the wonderful weather this year that is attracting people to take to the water.


    Now is the best time to sell small boats. Boats on offer upto € 25.000,- receive the most inquiries at present. Test us!


    We have updated and enhanced the Layout / Design of Boote-zu-verkaufen.de, in order for you to quickly find your desired boat at ease. Our modern technology allows us to present your boat in the best possible manner and ensure, that visitors to our site and clients will be enthusiastic about your offer. We wish all boat sellers the best of success in completing a sale.


    Since the past week we have introduced 4 new regional pages for Italien, Kanaren, Griechenland und Türkei.


    Our regional marketing places have been totally overhauled. Now they too will display boats for sales and charter boats. If you enter the boat’s mooring with the specific region, your boat will autiomatically be displayed on the following marketing places.Holland-Boote.de The following regions already benefit from marketing places: Kroatien, Bodensee, Berlin und Mallorca.We wish you the best of success with your sale...!!!


    We would like to wish all our clients, interested parties and friends a happy and successful 2010.


    Nearly 1.000 new and used boats, within a month. More than 1.500 private sellers and over 100 Boot traders have already put their trust into Boote-zu-verkaufen.de Test us...


    Yachtcharter auf Boote-zu-verkaufen.de. You can insert your charter yacht here at ease and without complications.


    Der Boote-Kleinanzeigenmarkt is going online. Boats that were removed from Boote-zu-verkaufen.de, can now be activated on the classified ads boat market. For this, please log in to \"Boot bearbeiten\". Wishing you the best of success!


    Boote-zu-verkaufen.de was created in 2006 as a marketing place for Motorboote und Segelboote by Carsten Rettig. Since 03/2009 Boote-zu-verkaufen.de was integrated in to Boote-Yachten and can therefore use the most up to date market technology. Boote-Yachten has progressed to being one of the largest boating networks on the internet.